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Enrollment Services

Once you select a plan design and carrier, Hartloff Benefits Solutions LLC works with you and the carrier to produce the appropriate and most effective communication materials for the enrollment process. This process is critical so that your employees understand & appreciate their benefits.

We use innovative digital platforms and traditional styles.

Open Enrollment meetings: When it comes time to explain your benefits programs to employees, we can help. Group meetings for employees to learn about new or updated choices where we present the benefit options and hold question & answer sessions.

Custom designed employee election forms: Provides accurate records for employee benefits choices and when declining benefits.

One on One Education and Enrollment Assistance: Ensures employees understand and appreciate their benefits.

Our digital platforms help enhance:

Better Healthcare Decisions: Employees see plan comparisons and the cost per-pay-period during enrollment.

Faster Enrollments: Employees are required to enter accurate information in all fields to complete enrollment.

Access Benefit Information 24/7: Employees can view benefit information year-round via web, iOS, or Android app.


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